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    [Sept18] Dr. Jessie Chung Super 7 Days Detox Program FREE Trial Pack

    Dr. Jessie Chung Super D’tox Program is a fifteen-day program designed to perform a thorough cleansing, detoxification and regeneration deep in the cells. Designed by Dr. Jessie Chung after years of medical research and clinical trials in cooperation with numerous renowned medical professors, this program is derived from numerous bioactive natural ingredients proven to be effective for the detoxification and regeneration of cells. Dr. Jessie Chung Super D’tox Program was created to be easily incorporated into a busy schedule and lifestyle to eliminate toxins from cells and enhance the regeneration of healthy cells in the body.

    RM  297.50  238.00   20%  
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    Best water treatment system for family! FOUR reasons to buy ZEBRAFISH Water Purifier??



    -Ultrafiltration membrane

    -most energy efficient

    -purest quad stage purification

    RM  1,295.00  388.00   70%  
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    [MCS - Near Expiry] Diuro 利尿精华 (60 capsules) x 2 units

    Diuro diuretic essence can inhibit the renal tubules reabsorption of water and electrolytes, and hence shows significant diuretic effect. It can eliminate edema caused by urination difficulty, nephritis, and urinary tract infections. Its bactericidal function has inhibitive effect against urinary tract inflammation, and is often used to treat various urinary tract problems such as blood in the urine, urinary tract infections, urinary tract stones, vaginal discharge, and edema.

    RM  140.00  77.00   45%  
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    [Sept18] Bio Nature – Hair Shampoo 洗发精 (200ml) x 2 units

    Bio Nature Natural Hair Shampoo contains a blend of organic plant actives which maintain healthy hair by moisturize, soften and restore its natural moisture and shine after each wash.

    RM  122.50  62.25   49%  
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