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    June 2018 Promotion

    [June Promo] Bio Organix-Enhanced Formula 生命素 –加强配方 (15 sachets)

    Bio Organix is a complete health supplement providing all the necessary nutrients in a complete diet. formulated by Dr. Jessie Chung, MD. Every ingredient in Bio Organix is well chosen and perfectly arranged in proportion to the body’s requirement and perfect for colon cleanse and detoxification in general.

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    [June Promo] Dr. Jessie Chung 15 days + 7 days Super Dtox Program 钟洁希博士超级解毒计划 15 天+ 7 天

    Dr. Jessie Chung Super D’tox Program is a fifteen-day program designed to perform a thorough cleansing, detoxification and regeneration deep in the cells. Designed by Dr. Jessie Chung after years of medical research and clinical trials in cooperation with numerous renowned medical professors, this program is derived from numerous bioactive natural ingredients proven to be effective for the detoxification and regeneration of cells. Dr. Jessie Chung Super D’tox Program was created to be easily incorporated into a busy schedule and lifestyle to eliminate toxins from cells and enhance the regeneration of healthy cells in the body.

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    [Live Show-June13] Organic Instant Baby Oat + Pumpkin Seed + Brown Rice Cereal

    Brown Rice Creal is a good source of Vitamin B1, B2, E, Minerals and Fibre. 

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    [June Promo - Near Expiry] Antrodia Cinnamomea 牛樟芝 (60 capsules)

    According to the publication of International Journal of Geron-tology, it indicates that a new active compound can be extracted from Antrodia Cinnamomea through laboratory; and from in vitro tests, it has found that Antrodia has up to 99.6% of growth inhibition against U937 leukemia cells, HA22T-VGH hepatoma cells, BxPc-3 pancreatic cancer cells, esophagus epidermoid carcinoma CE 81TNGH cells and HeLa cervical adenocarcinoma cells.

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