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      Best water treatment system for family! FOUR reasons to buy ZEBRAFISH Water Purifier??



      -Ultrafiltration membrane

      -most energy efficient

      -purest quad stage purification

      RM222.50   178.00   20%
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      Alkaline Ionizer 碱性水机

      KYK Alkaline Water Helps improving symptoms of Four Common Gastrointestinal Problems

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      Bio Ozone 太空活氧解毒机

      Tested and proven by SGS international, effectively eliminate germs and bacteria up to 99.9% in 1 minute. Tested and proven by National Taiwan University of Science & Technology, eliminate residual pesticides up to 99.9% in 15 minutes. Certified by ISO9001 and CE for products quality assurance.

      RM1,235.00   988.00   20%
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      Nutrition Blender 健康养生机

      Nutrition Blender a collection of healthy cooking and whisking machine in one, with ultra-era appearance and fully automated design.

      RM1,735.00   1,388.00   20%
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      Professor Nano 纳米博士

      The cooked food will be more delicious when you put this into the pot. The cooked rice will be softer when you place this in the rice cooker. The charred smell on slightly burnt food, like sugar, will be reduced when you use this.

      RM475.00   380.00   20%
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