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      NHF Organic French Sea Salt (350g)
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      NHF Organic Toasted Sesame Oil (310ml)
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      Earth Living - Villa Blanca Sunflower High Oleic Oil, Spain (1 Litre)
      • Contain properties reducing heart related disease
      • Lower LDL cholestrol, control better high blood pressure & triglyceride levels
      • Reduce neurodegerative dementias or alzheimer's risks
      • protect liver oxidative cell damage from toxics
      • contain oleic acid aid in fending off ulcerative colitis in colon
      • help protect from acute pancreatitis,anti-inflammatory
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      Earth Living - Organic Lake Salt, Australia (550g)
      • Organic, Non-GMO, Premium Quality
      • Rich nutrients and fiber
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      Villa Blanca Aceite Grapeseed Oil, 1L
      • High lonoleic-acid in oil has anti-infalmmatory, anti allergern,acne reductive, improve skin problems and moisture retentive properties
      •  help capilary integrity damaged vessels and capillary valves and poor blood circulation.
      • help diabetes and visual impairment in diabetic.
      • Improve high blood presure, bad cholesterol and issues

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