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    Home > Products > July 2018 Promotion > [July Promo - 2nd RM1] Wisdoma 补脑精华 (60 capsules) x 2 units
    [July Promo - 2nd RM1] Wisdoma 补脑精华 (60 capsules) x 2 units

    [July Promo - 2nd RM1] Wisdoma 补脑精华 (60 capsules) x 2 units

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    SKU: [July Promo - 2nd RM1] S-WISDOMA
    Weight: 500 grams
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    Brand: NHF
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    Note: The price shown above is the discounted price for 2 units of Wisdoma. Offer valid from July 16 - 22. 

    Wisdoma brain essence can increase blood flow to the brain, maintain the normal function of the brain and supply the brain with necessary nutrients, and can store more dopamine in the brain cortex, and stabilize the central nervous system. Increased dopamine in the brain can improve the sense of joy, and maintain a good mood and emotions. It is used clinically in treating encephalopathy, including depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease.


    Activate brain and nourish the brain

    Increase memory

    Anti convulsant

    Enhance physique

    Improve mood and emotional stability

    Relieve patient's stress

    Improve binge eating disorder and help to lose weight

    Improve sleep and a clear mind after wake up

    Wisdoma 补脑精华能够增加脑部的血流量,维持脑部的正常功能及供应脑部所需营养,并能在脑部皮层保存更多的多巴胺,稳定中枢神经系统。多巴胺在脑部的增多,能够提高欢愉感,保持良好心情和情绪。临床上常应用于各种脑病,包括忧郁症、强迫症、帕金森氏综合症、老人痴呆症等









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