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    [June Promo] Bio Organix-Enhanced Formula 生命素 –加强配方 (15 sachets)

    [June Promo] Bio Organix-Enhanced Formula 生命素 –加强配方 (15 sachets)

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    Bio Organix - Enhance Formula is formulated by Dr.Jessie Chung. Every ingredient in Bio Organix is well chosen and perfectly arranged in proportion to the body's requirement. It is a complete health supplement providing all the necessary foods in a complete diet to replenish the nutrients lost in our daily activity.

    Bio Organix - Enhance Formula is the perfect combination of soluble fibre, insoluble fibre, prebiotics and active probiotics, helping us to excrete faeces from the colon effectively. When the stools are well discharged, the absorption of the stomach will become better, therefore vitamins and minerals are also better absorbed by the body. 

    It consist 60 types of Certified Organic Ingredients, supply the body with the most complete nutrients. It contains no preservatives, no genetic modification, no chemical additives, no flavor pigments and is gluten free.

    . Supply the body with the most complete nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. 
    . Discharge toxins and coprolith out from the colon. 
    . Enhance the immune system. 
    . Promotes metabolism. 
    . Enhance endocrine system. 
    . Body Slimming.

    Suggested Dosage:
    Mix it with 300ml water, drink it with empty stomach in morning
    *Drink it immediately
    *Avoid contact with hot water
    *For user with constipation problem, start with half sachet first
    *Eat it before meal to cut down calorie intake

    **Please consult our online nutritional consultant, email to

    Bio Organix 生命素 - 升级配方是钟洁希博士特别研制,每一种成分都精心挑选,根据人体对营养的需求而配制。它是完整的营养保健品,绝对是您追求健康的必备食品,不只提供您所有的必须营养,也能补充每天在生活中所流失的营养。

    Bio Organix 生命素 - 升级配方含有完整纤维素,即水溶性纤维、非水溶性纤维、益生元及活性益生,能够更有效,更快速将滞留在大肠壁的宿便清除并排出体外。而宿便被排出后,肠胃的吸收力更佳,维生素和矿物质等元素也能更好地被人体吸收及发挥作用。


    . 提供最完整营养素,包括各种维生素和矿物质
    . 强力将毒素及宿便从大肠排出
    . 增强免疫力
    . 强化内分泌系统
    . 改善新陈代谢
    . 瘦身



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