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    Home > Products > June 2018 Promotion > [June Promo - Near Expiry] Antrodia Cinnamomea 牛樟芝 (60 capsules)
    [June Promo - Near Expiry] Antrodia Cinnamomea 牛樟芝 (60 capsules)

    [June Promo - Near Expiry] Antrodia Cinnamomea 牛樟芝 (60 capsules)

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    As the “King of Lingzhi”, Antrodia is only grown on Taiwan’s national treasure – Camphor Tree. This precious Antrodia cinnamomea is the most expensive wild mushroom in the world and it is used for longevity purposes. Champhor tree is a unique species in Taiwan,  especially the Cattle Camphor Tree which is rarely found. The Cattle Camphor tree is the type of Camphor tree with over 100 years of age, giving it just enough time and space to grow the Antrodia fungi from its inner parts, which is commonly known as Antrodia Cinnamomea or Red Lingzhi, one of the most valued fungi in the world hence it was given a good name as “The Forest Ruby of Taiwan”.

    Studies have confirmed that the ingredients of Antrodia Cinnamomea can improve immunity system and inhibit the abnormal proliferation of diseased cells. After six years of research, scientists have found that the biological active substance extracted from Antrodia cinnamomea has a great effect on anti-cytopathic diseases, and has many functions such as detoxification, anti-oxidation, activation of the central neural system, to induce sleep and to protect liver cells. Antrodia Cinnamomea is indeed a very precious health care product.


    研究证实可提高免疫 力、抑制病变细胞之不正常增生;经过六年的研究,从牛樟芝抽取的生物活性物质偕对抗细胞病变有很大的效果,更具有解毒、抗氧化、活化中枢神经、安眠、保护肝细胞之多种功能。牛樟芝是非常珍贵的保健圣品。

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