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    [Nov18] Green Capsules 绿营养 (60 capsules)

    [Nov18] Green Capsules 绿营养 (60 capsules)

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    They have existed for more than three billion years on Earth. Though these microalgae are tiny, they are foods with the highest nutritional value on Earth.

    GreenCapsule, a combination of spirulina, chlorella and wheatgrass, which are reputedly known as the “Green Super Food” of the 21st century, is completely nutritious certified green food that can make up for the lack of green vegetables in the modern person’s diet.

    Adding wheatgrass in GreenCapsule lowers the probability of body heat reactions that can come from taking spirulina and chlorella. Therefore, GreenCapsule is a complete combination in green nutrition.

    Nutritional Value and Functions:


    • Besides containing a rich abundance of proteins, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll, spirulina also contains essential unsaturated fatty acids GLA and special cyanophycin and beta-carotene, which makes it a more effective anti-oxidizing agent than chlorella.
    • Contains γ-linolenic acid (GLA), which is the ideal substance for the healthy development and enhancement of the brain, the elimination. of blood lipids, blood pressure regulation and cholesterol reduction.
    • Contains large amounts of natural minerals which can be easily digested and absorbed by the human body.
    • Spirulina contains 5 times the amount of calcium found in cow’s milk.
    • Spirulina contains 23 times the amount of iron in spinach.
    • Provides 3 times the amount of protein in meat, fish and poultry.
    • Spirulina has 25 times the amount of beta-carotene in carrots. 


    • Contains protein and 8 kinds of essential amino acids that cannot be synthesised by the human body.
    • Also contains dietary fibres, chlorophyll and more than 20 kinds of vitamins and minerals.
    • Possesses a unique type of growth promoting factor, commonly known as Chlorella Growth Factor, as well as a rich abundance of nucleic acids and nucleotides, which can improve cell’s vitality in all location.
    • Contains four times the chlorophyll content of other plants, and ten times the ability of these plants in producing nutrients through photosynthesis.
    • In the chlorella cell wall, cellulose, which is formed by microfibrils, connect and form a dense network structure.
    • The structure traps heavy metals in location, thus preventing them from being absorbed by the human body
    • Sporopollein, well reputed as the hormone of detoxification, can effectively chelate dioxins so that you do not have to worry about heavy metal pollution.
    • Chlorella Growth Factor can lead to growth of beneficial flora in the small intestine, increasing it 4 times and above.
    • Together with its rich abundance of dietary fibres, chlorella can significantly contribute to the health of the gastrointestinal tract. 


    • Contains rich amounts of Vitamin A, B, C, E, K.
    • Wheatgrass contains more Vitamin C than oranges.
    • 2 times the Vitamin A content found in carrots.
    • Wheatgrass contains 92 of the 102 types of soil minerals found. These minerals include calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, cobalt, zinc, sulphur.
    • Beneficial in boosting enzyme activity in cells, thus aiding metabolism of the body’s nutrients.
    • Chlorophyll makes up more than 70% of its contents.
    • Chlorophyll creates an unfavourable environment for bacteria growth, therefore effectively increasing the body’s resistance to illnesses.
    • Able to help the body produce more red blood cells rapidly and bring more oxygen to different cells location.
    • Cleanses the lungs, purifies body organs and neutralises acids and toxins in the body.

    . Improves brain health and intelligence
    . Removes blood lipids
    . Adjusts blood pressure
    . Reduces cholestrol

    Suggested Dosage:
    1 - 2 capsules, twice daily

    · 健脑益智
    . 清除血脂
    . 调节血压
    . 降低胆固醇


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