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    Dr. Jessie Chung Super 15 Days Detox Program
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    Dr. Jessie Chung Super 15 Days Detox Program

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    Dr. Jessie Chung Super D’tox Program is a fifteen-day program designed to perform a thorough body cleansing, detoxification and regeneration deep in the cells. This program was designed and formulated by Dr. Jessie Chung, ND.,MD. after years of medical research and clinical trials in cooperation with numerous renowned medical professors, doctors, nutritionists, detox specialists, and biochemists from USA, Russia, Italy, Japan, China, and Malaysia.

    This Super D’tox Program consists of three naturally concentrated detoxification supplements, Bio Rex Noni, Bio Organix and Biozyme, derived from numerous bioactive natural ingredients proven to be effective for the detoxification and regeneration of cells. These supplements are backed by over two-hundred clinical trials & medical researchers from Japan Kitazato University, Russian State Medical University and many clinical laboratories. We source the finest ingredients, strictly adhere to certified manufacturing and quality assurance processes in all of our products.

    1. Bio Organix
    Bio Organix contains a great variety of gut-cleansing nutrients, which includes probiotics, prebiotics, soluble and insoluble fibers to systematically cleanse the digestive system. It also contains 48 types of natural ingredients required for the detoxification of the body.

    2. Bio Rex
    Bio Rex, packed with bioactive antioxidant compounds and antioxidant enzymes, is effective in eliminating the free radicals from cells and reversing its damage.

    3. Biozyme
    Biozyme digestive enzymes ensure that the nutrients are fully digestible and safely transported and absorbed into the cells.


    . Detoxifies intensely deep within the cells
    . Restores natural cell function
    . Eliminates toxins for immunity boost
    . Provides daily nutrient needs

    Suggested Dosage:
    Bio Rex Noni/Bio Rex - 1 packet after meal, twice a day
    Biozyme - 1 packet after meal, twice a day
    Bio Organix - half to 1 packet before breakfast, once a day

    **Please consult our online nutritional consultant, email to

    钟洁希博士超强解毒计划是一个深入细胞进行解毒,排毒和再生的配套。此配套是经过钟洁希博士与众多来自美国、 俄罗斯、 意大利、 日本、 中国和马来西亚的著名医学教授、 医生、 营养学家、医学博士、排毒专家,以及生物化学家合作,并经过多年的医学研究与临床试验制定而成。

    此超强解毒计划使用的是三种天然并浓缩的解毒营养辅助品,生活素Bio Rex,生命素Bio Organix和生酵素Biozyme。这些解毒产品所用的材料都是来自天然的蔬果和活性成分。它们都拥有来自日本北里大学和俄罗斯州立医药大学和许多化验室超过200项的医学和临床研究证明。

    1. 生命素

    2. 复原素

    3. 生酵素

    . 深入细胞强力解除毒素
    . 恢复细胞正常的功能
    . 全面性排毒, 提升免疫力
    . 提供每日营养需求

    Bio Rex Noni/Bio Rex 复原素/生活素 - 餐后1包,一天2次
    Biozyme 生酵素 - 餐后1支,1天2次
    Bio Organix 生命素 - 早餐前半包到1包,一天一次


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