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    Nat Cal 天然钙片  (30 sachets)
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    Nat Cal 天然钙片 (30 sachets)

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    Weight: 100 grams
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    Brand: NHF
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    Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body. It participates in the entire life process of the human body and is the foundation of human life. From bone formation, muscle contraction, heartbeat, neural and brain activities, to the growth and development of the human body, elimination of fatigue, brain-enhancement, and anti-aging, it can be said that all movements in life are inseparable from calcium. Sufficient daily intake of calcium is the key to maintain the body's normal metabolism and to enhance the body's resilience to the living environment. Calcium also can enhance human endurance, make people energetic and psychologically stable.

    Calcium is the main builder human bones and teeth. Neural signal transmissions also require calcium. Furthermore, calcium plays a significant role in blood coagulation and muscle formation. Calcium in the bones is washed away to balance blood PH when we take in food that is very sweet or acidic (for instance meat, seafood, refined foods, etc). Therefore, calcium needs to be specially replenished on daily basic.

    NHF Nat Cal Features:
    . Made from natural ingredients
    . Easily digested and absorbed
    . Delicious flavour with no chalky taste

    . Constitutes the main component of bones and teeth
    . Maintains regular heartbeats and normal heart contractions
    . Prevents muscle cramps
    . Reduces mental strain and induces sleep
    . Prevent and treat osteoporosis



    NHF 天然钙的特点:
    . 由天然成分制成
    . 容易消化和吸收
    . 味道鲜美,没有白垩味

    . 构成骨骼和牙齿的主要成分
    . 保持正常的心跳和心脏收缩
    . 防止肌肉抽筋
    . 减少精神紧张和诱导睡眠
    . 预防和治疗骨骼疏松症

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