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    Natural Probiotic 天然活性良菌  (100 capsules)
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    Natural Probiotic 天然活性良菌 (100 capsules)

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    SKU: NPB100
    Weight: 50 grams
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    Brand: NHF
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    . Helps to prevent bad bacteria growth and protect the body from bacterial infection
    . Produces 8 essential amino acids and vitamin B-complex
    . Treats diarrhea
    . Stimulates the body to produce antibiotics. In addition, Probiotic itself produces the antibiotic
    . Acidophilin as well as natural antiseptics like lactic acid and acetic acid.
    . Produces enzymes such as lactase to help digestion. This benefits people who have lactose intolerance

    Suggested Dosage:
    1-2 capstles once after meal, 1-2 times a day. People experiencing constipation can take 2-4
    ProBiotic capsules with Bio Organix in the morning. Dosage and frequency can be increased.

    **Please consult our online nutritional consultant, email to

    · 帮助阻止恶菌的滋长,保护人体免受细菌感染。
    · 产生8种人体处需氨基酸及维他命B减缓抗生素带来的感染症候群。
    . 改善腹泻问题。
    · 产生酵素如乳糖酶来帮助消化,有益于患有乳糖不适症者。



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