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    Natural C  天然维他命C  (30 sachets)
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    Natural C 天然维他命C (30 sachets)

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    Brand: NHF
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    Natural C (Vitamin C) Functions:
    . Strong anti-oxidizing properties
    . Promotes collagen formation
    . Relieves tension and stress
    . Strengthens immunity
    . Prevents and treats flu

    Suggested Dosage:
    Take one sachet after meals twice every day.
    Consume with 200~ 300ml of water. Alcoholics and smokers need higher intakes. Those infected with colds and flus can also increase intake.

    **Please consult our online nutritional consultant, email to

    天然 C (维他命 C) 功效:
    . 强力的抗氧化
    . 促进胶原蛋白形成的功用
    . 抗紧张压力的功用
    . 强化免疫能力
    . 预防及改善流行感冒

    每日餐后一包,一日两次。加入200 ~ 300ml的水量服用。嗜酒者及嗜烟者需更多。感冒时也可增加份量。



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